Ends on March 1, 2019

Blackfoot Public Library Grant Application

At Blackfoot, we see our jobs as more than just providing services. We continue to strive to be good neighbors and remain committed to building solid, long-term relationships with the communities we serve.  Blackfoot believes public libraries are dynamic, versatile community centers and a vital, integral part of our communities.  We also believe that by returning a small portion of the investments libraries have made within our service areas, that investment betters our local communities.  Blackfoot has been awarding small library grants for over 15 years. 

Blackfoot’s Library Grant focuses on technological innovation: electronic equipment and/or technology programs that incorporate the use of new technologies or use current technology in different ways to improve access, services, or support to library customers.  We’ve learned that many of our local libraries need more learning tools to enhance their learning environment.  

Each library may submit one application; however, not all libraries will receive funds due to limited funding.

If you have questions regarding the criteria for the Blackfoot Public Library Grant, please email education@blackfoot.com.