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Blackfoot Public Library Grant Program

Welcome to Blackfoot Communications' portal for supporting our communities, powered by Submittable. We have streamlined our application process by using this online portal for community and education applications. If this your first time accessing this Application, you must first create a Submittable account to complete the form (see "Create Your Account" below). Once your Submittable account is created, you can use the same log-in/password account for future requests.  If you run into issues setting up your account, please check out the FAQs.

Community Support Criteria

At Blackfoot, we see our jobs as more than just providing services. We continue to strive to be good neighbors and remain committed to building solid, long-term relationships with the communities we serve.  Blackfoot believes public libraries are dynamic, versatile community centers and a vital, integral part of our communities.  We also believe that by returning a small portion of the investments libraries have made within our service areas, that investment betters our local communities.  Blackfoot has been awarding small library grants for over 18 years. 

Our Library Grant focuses on technological innovation: electronic equipment and/or technology programs that incorporate the use of new technologies or use current technology in different ways to improve access, services, or support to library customers.  We’ve learned that many of our local libraries need more learning tools to enhance their learning environment.  

Each library may submit one application; however, not all libraries will receive funds due to limited funding.

Additional Information

* We recommend using Google Chrome (Mac or Windows) for the best user experience with our community support platform

* Use your PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS in lieu of your school email address for the Blackfoot Application (e.g. "xxx@gmail.com" or similar )

* Your Submittable form will be reviewed and a response made to the email address provided in the application. Please check your email and open the email from @email.submittable.com titled “RE: Blackfoot Communications - Public Library Grant Application.” If you still do not see the email in your Inbox, please add “@email.submittable.com” to your White List or Safe Sender List, and/or check your “Junk” or “Spam” folders. We make every effort to ensure that these emails are delivered.

* Have you already set up a Submittable account and want to check on the status and/or correspondence regarding your application? Access your account @ https://givingback.blackfoot.com/login

Tips on completing an Application

Having difficulties getting your application submitted? Try these steps: 1) make sure every question with an asterick * has been answered as these are mandatory questions; 2) save your current application; 3) sign out of your Submittable account; 4) close your internet browser; 5) reopen internet browser; 6) log back into your Submittable account https://givingback.blackfoot.com/login; 7) reopen your application; 8) scroll to bottom of application and hit 'Submit'.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your application should be accepted and you should receive a confirmation email stating your application has been accepted.

If these steps still do not work, please contact Submittable at: 1) https://www.submittable.com/contact/; 2) Call Tech Support at 855-467-8264 Ext. 4; 3) Email organizationsupport@submittable.com

Other Questions?

Email Blackfoot Communication’s Education Committee at education@blackfoot.com

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.