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Blackfoot Communications Photo Contest 

Welcome to Blackfoot Communications' portal for supporting our communities, powered by Submittable. We have streamlined our application process by using this online portal for for our annual Photo Contest. If this your first time accessing this Application, you must first create a Submittable account to complete the form (see "Create Your Account" below). Once your Submittable account is created, you can use the same log-in/password account for future requests.  If you run into issues setting up your account, please check out the FAQs.  

Photo Contest Criteria:

Deadline Entry: March 1, 2021

  • You can submit up to two photos.
  • We do not bar photographs captured on nontraditional cameras (in fact, we think smartphone photography is great!) but photos of too low resolution will be thrown out. Photo submissions must be high resolution to ensure print quality. We cannot accept photos with watermarks.
  • You must include the location of each photo.
  • You must provide your necessary contact information, including name, address and phone.
  • By submitting your photograph(s), you agree to give Blackfoot Communications' rights to publish your photo on the cover of the Blackfoot Phone Directory (Montana and/or Idaho). You also agree to allow Blackfoot to share your photo on our Facebook page, corporate website, and use in other promotional capacities, such as in our annual photo calendar. Your photo will never be used without including your name as the credited photographer.

Tip: We encourage entries that showcase the beauty of Blackfoot service areas.


· CHROME is the best internet browser for this platform.

* Access your Submittable account @ https://givingback.blackfoot.com/login


Having difficulties getting your application submitted? Try these steps:  1)  make sure every question with an asterick * has been answered as these are mandatory questions; 2) save your current application; 3)  sign out of your Blackfoot/Submittable account; 4) close your internet browser; 5) reopen internet browser (CHROME is the recommended browser); 6) log back into your Blackfoot/Submittable account; 7) reopen your application; 8) scroll to bottom of application and hit 'Submit'.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your application should be accepted and you should receive a confirmation email stating your application has been accepted.

If these steps still do not work, please contact Submittable @ https://www.submittable.com/contact/ ; identify yourself as an Individual looking to submit your work to an organization for assistance, or contact Blackfoot  Communications @ communitysupport@blackfoot.com


Email: photocontest@blackfoot.com

Upload your submissions below!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.